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Flat lay of black teapot with packets of Twinings green tea beside it. Beat The Winter Blues article.

Beat the Winter Blues and Nurture Within

February is the shortest month of the year, but often the most exhausting. Winter Blues are a phenomenon where the colder temperatures and lack of consistent sunlight drain our energy and spirit. Waking up to darkness, adorning yourself with 5 layers of clothing to face the morning commute, and being greeted by crankypants co-workers at the office… all take their toll. After a long day, the commute home can all but deplete any energy you have left.

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If you’re currently in a cold climate where bitter winds, freezing rain and snow have invaded your space, then you know how the Winter Blues can affect you physically: tight, cracked skin, an aching back from excessive snow shoveling and overall chronic fatigue.

Even though we’re charting towards the Summer Solstice and experiencing more daylight each day, at present the cold, dreary days still outweigh the sunny ones. Remembering to pamper yourself daily is a must. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. Careful introspection and affirmations, plus a few indulgences are all the self-care that’s needed.

Combat the winter blues by pampering yourself daily. Use these self-care tips to help you power through to the warmer months.

Appreciate Your Blessings

Not just on birthdays or special holidays, but every day. What’s one thing on this cold, miserable day that you’re thankful for? Pick something different each day. Say thank you to that blessing every morning when you wake up and each night before you go to bed.

Be Proud Of What You Accomplished Today However Big Or Small

Life’s daily grind makes it seem like there’s not enough time in the day to achieve all the things on your plate. Limit tasks to 1-5 each day and own them. Be proud of your accomplishments, whether it be a household chore, finding the perfect dress, sticking to your healthy eating plan or finding a fix in one of your Facebook groups for that technical issue on your blog (hands up… that was me this week).

Drink Warm Tea

Stay warm and drink some comforting tea. I try really hard to avoid caffeine this time of year. Instead, I opt for different varieties of tea. Fruit-flavoured goodness from English Tea Shop or Twinings Green Tea. If I want something a little heavier, I turn to my favourite Chai Tea Latte from Second Cup. I get them to make it with Almond Milk.

Input Equals Output

Make sure to replenish your output for the day. Take in what’s needed to rejuvenate and get ready for another day of output tomorrow. Whether it’s a long bath, a walk or job around the mall (because it’s way too cold outside) or having a relaxing dinner with family or friends.

Weather often affects people’s moods. Sunlight breaking through clouds can lift our spirits, while a dull, rainy day may make us feel a little gloomy.

Let There Be Light

One of the best things we can do to combat the Winter blues is taking in as much natural light as possible. Light stimulates our brain regulating our moods and appetite, and giving us the energy to power through each day.

Love The Skin You’re In

If you wear it, take off your makeup each night before bed. It’s a good habit to restore a clean canvas and let those precious pores breathe overnight. Use Micellar Water or your favourite cleanser. I love my tried and true, African Black Soap.

Also, keep your skin hydrated. I like to seal in my body and face moisturizers with oils. Avocado and Sweet Almond for the body, and Rose Hip for the face.

Take Special Care Of Stress And Anxiety

We’re inundated with so much information, it can cause overload. Avoid triggers, especially during these sensitive months. It’s important to disconnect and take time away for yourself. Read your favourite author, write in your journal or listen to inspirational music.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more details, please read the Disclaimer.

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