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A white plate with lemon slices, surrounded by 2 large whole lemons and a candle holder. Life Hacks article.

5 Simple Life Hacks That Will Solve Your Everyday Problems

The word hack has so many different meanings. For the purpose of this article, I’m referring to a hack as an inexpensive quick fix that solves a problem. You can typically find these life hacks lying around your house, just waiting to be put to work.

A usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently. Life hacks are all about eliminating life’s manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways.

We have so many bigger issues in our lives that require more in-depth problem solving, patience and follow through. It’s therapeutic to have quick fixes that cost hardly anything, don’t exhaust a lot of brain power or energy, and serve multiple functions.

Try these 5 simple life hacks that solve everyday problems, just by using the items you already have lying around your house.

Break It Down With Oil

Makeup removal got a lot simpler when I said no more to wipes or other harsh removers that irritated my eyes. Now, I just use the oils I previously saved for my hair: Avocado and Sweet Almond. A few drops of either in one palm, rub hands together and then smooth all over the face. Oil removes stubborn eye makeup and liquid lipsticks. Wipe it all away with a paper towel and you’re ready to cleanse.

Curly Hair Problems

Curly hair strands love to wrap around themselves or other hair strands. The joys of tangles and knots. Combs and brushes are too rough, especially when you have fine hair like me. So instead, I pull out one of my sewing needles, usually a large one. They’re easier to secure a sturdy grip with, but still slim enough to pry that pesky knot or tangle loose. I like to dampen the area where the knot or tangle have formed with warm water. This helps to gently loosen the hairs apart and prevent breakage. Then I place the sharp end of the needle inside the knot and wiggle it around. Don’t tug too hard. Keep doing this until the tangle is loose enough to be pried open with your fingers and voila!

A white plate with lemon slices, surrounded by 2 large whole lemons and a candle holder. Life Hacks article.

Make Lemonade

We all strive to drink enough water each day. For me, there’s always a bottle of water close by. On my desk, next to my laptop, or in my purse. I don’t mind the plain taste of water, but if you find water bland and tasteless, add a few lemon slices. Not only are you getting the water benefits, with the added lemon you’re getting antioxidants and other healthy benefits.

Here are 6 benefits of lemon water:

  1. Aids digestion
  2. Boosts Vitamin C levels
  3. Immunity booster
  4. Great for your skin
  5. Slightly boosts metabolism
  6. Enhances mood and memory

Paint The Town Fuchsia

If you’re a nail biter and you’ve tried almost everything to stop this nervous habit, try polishing them. Nail polish doesn’t taste great, so you’ll avoid munching on your nails. You also won’t want to mess up your pretty manicure. Next time you get anxious, leave those precious nails alone and chew on something else instead like gum, nuts or a piece of fruit.

Scrambled or Over-Easy?

It’s one of those mornings and you can’t quite crack your eggs into two perfect halves. Instead, there are tiny pieces of eggshell in your omelette bowl. Deciding against crunchy eggs used to mean me jamming my fork or another utensil into the bowl trying to dig the shell pieces out. Until I learned the best way to get the shell out… is with another piece of shell. Preferably, a larger piece. It acts as a magnet and draws the pieces of unwanted shell towards it.

Have you tried any of these life hacks? What are some that you swear by? Let me know in the comments.


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