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Black woman at her desk typing on her laptop, with a cup of tea, scissors, flowers and cookies also on the desk. How I Tripled Traffic article.

How I Tripled Traffic to My Blog in its Second Month

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There are so many moving parts to implement to get your blog off on the right foot, so that it has the proper ingredients to flourish and start generating traffic.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more details, please read the Disclaimer.

Choosing a domain, then buying it and hosting services was the easy part.

What came after seemed like an endless list of things to do, activate, set-up or submit. The never-ending checklist of duties as a new site owner. These tools and resources were vital to building this blog and contributed to me tripling my January traffic in February, even with the same posting schedule of one blog post per week.

Because I use WordPress, the tools and resources shared here will apply to that platform.

Black woman at her desk typing on her laptop, with a cup of tea, scissors, flowers and cookies also on the desk. How I Tripled Traffic article.

Google Analytics

Before launching my site, I made sure this was active. It started tracking user data from minute one. I look at sessions, pageviews, pages per session and bounce rate. Also, I added a filter to exclude my IP address, so when I’m tinkering around on this bad boy, I’m not contributing to the traffic and skewing my own analytics data.


Submitting your sitemap allows search engines to crawl your site more intelligently. I submitted mine to Google, Yahoo and Bing, and saw a noticeable spike in Google and Yahoo searches in my analytics.

Yoast SEO

Those green traffic lights are everything. Yoast SEO has taught me the importance of a concise meta description, shortening my URL’s to make them search friendly and keywords. All the while trying to maintain a writing flow that’s fun, conversational, and not too technical or SEO-anal.


This is a super plugin. JetPack features enhanced engagement, writing and appearance options that amp up your site.

Editorial Calendar

With my blog, I had a simple posting schedule/calendar. Since moving to this self-hosted site, I’ve upgraded my content calendar using some awesome tips from E-TechAfrica. She illustrates how a structured editorial calendar can help you create better blog posts.


I use their Headline Analyzer and Power Words tools to create strong, traffic-generating headlines.

Social Media

I was very active on Twitter and Pinterest from the jump. In February, I joined a ton of Facebook blogging groups. Being active on these platforms has helped me connect and network with other bloggers, especially those in my niche.

Posting Regularly

I post once a week now, and I would love to increase that to 3 times a week. I feel like my posts are engaging, and I appreciate the readers that have left comments, positive feedback, and inserted themselves into the conversation so far.


This browser extension nudges me every time I make a spelling or grammar error. Grammarly is my own personal silent editor. It makes the process of editing (my least favourite aspect of blogging) go a lot quicker, so the focus can be on writing, social media and networking.

The following aren’t traffic generators, but I feel they contribute to it. I have great peace of mind knowing they protect all the work and effort I put into making this place a fun place to visit.


Plugins like JetPack and iThemes Security protect this place against brute force attacks and spam. And, most importantly keep it up and running. I periodically receive emails from JetPack telling me my site had issues loading or has been down for a few minutes. It just keeps me alert and lets me know I have to keep an eye on the resources through my hosting service.


I have a consistent backup schedule. That includes backing up the database and all my files twice a week. I use BackUpWordPress and iThemes Security.

Disclaimer Page

Disclosures are so important. If you’re running ads or affiliate links, you need clear cut disclosures on your site. Did you know Google could suspend your account if you don’t provide a disclaimer for their ads? Keep it nice and legal from day one, and don’t get shut down.

Note: Disclosure guidelines are vague for Canadian bloggers, but Advertising Standards Canada is set to introduce more defined disclosure policy rules this year.

Final Thoughts

I have MailerLite and recently signed up to use the Google Keyword Planner Tool. I’m still figuring out how to incorporate email marketing campaigns onto the blog. I hope implementing both of these will help me see further traffic growth in March.

I tripled traffic to my blog in its second month using these incredible enhancement tools and resources. Here's how I did it! How I Tripled Traffic article.

I tripled my blog’s traffic in its second month. Yes! I’m pretty proud of that.

These two blog posts contributed a big chunk of that:

12 Tips For A Successful Interview9 Amazing Makeup Brushes

What have you done recently to improve traffic to your blog or amp up your site in general? Talk to me in the comments.


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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more details, please read the Disclaimer.

  • 1.8K

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