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Flat-lay of Stila Mind palette, makeup brushes on gray background. Battle of the Matte Palettes Part 2 Featuring Stila.

Battle of the Matte Palettes – Part 2 Featuring Stila

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This is a 2-part low-end/high-end battle featuring matte palettes from Morphe and Stila. Next up… Stila.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette – Mind

I eyed the Stila Mind palette for months before committing. It had so much going for it: 12 matte eyeshadow shades, housed in a sleek, gold compact-style case easy for travel. The only thing that deterred me from buying it was the price tag. $60 CAD. Ouch! I love makeup, but couldn’t justify that price for 12 eyeshadows, even if they were all matte. Fortunately, I was eventually able to redeem enough points off my Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Card (think Sephora VIB Card), that covered the entire cost of the palette. I didn’t have to fork over any cash for this beauty!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more details, please read the Disclaimer.

When you break the price down it’s almost $5 per shadow, not outrageous when you compare it to single shadows by MAC or Colour Pop. But, how does it stack up to other matte eyeshadow palettes? Are we just paying for the shiny packaging?

Inspired by the spiritual notion that true beauty is revealed from within, each palette is curated with 12 luxurious eye shadows to illuminate your inner beauty. Encased in exquisite, jewelry-inspired compacts-a precious mix of rose, yellow and white golds-the shadows will inspire intrigue and delight ~ Stila Cosmetics

The Eyes Are The Window is a set of 4 Stila palettes, the other 3 being: Spirit, Soul and Body. Mind is the only one in the set that contains completely matte shadows.

The Mind palette is composed of 6 warm tones and 6 cool tones. For me, that’s ideal because even with a strong yellow undertone in my skin, I enjoy wearing both warm and cool looks on my eyes. This palette gives me the best of both. There are shades to keep my base and transitions warm, but cooler shades for the lid and crease to build my go-to smokey eye looks. Most of the colours are neutral and muted, with only a few shades I would describe as being vibrant.

The pan size is moderate and shallow. I can see you hitting pan on these fairly quickly.

Shades (left to right):

Row 1 – (1) Brilliance  (2) Instinct  (3) Reason

Row 2 – (4) Imagination  (5) Observation  (6) Thinker

Row 3 – (7) Genius  (8) Wit  (9) Creativity

Row 4 – (10) Understanding  (11) Perception  (12) Intellect

12 Swatches of Stila Mind Palette on arm. Battle of the Matte Palettes Part 2 Featuring Stila

I will say the colours look the same in the pan as they do on the skin. There’s nothing more disappointing than loving a colour in the pan, and then it transferring differently outside of the pan. I also appreciate that there aren’t too many stark white or pale shades, beneficial to WOC.


Observation  I love that this shade has a mix of gray and purple undertones. It’s great as a crease colour or all over the eye for a smokey look.

Wit  This is the most similar to my skin colour, so I apply it all over the lid to set my eyelid primer. I also use this to buff out/blend other shadows.

Perception  This is my favourite shade in the palette, which is also part of my favourite trio. Not surprising, since it’s the most vibrant and that’s more up my alley. I use it both as a transition colour or just on the lid.

Intellect  I like this shade as a crease colour or all over the eye if I want to do a serious, smokey look.

Close up shot of Stila Mind palette and makeup brushes sitting on gray, furry scarf. Battle of the Matte Palettes Part 2 Featuring Stila.

Even though there are some good options in this palette, after all the hype (I initially created myself), overall I was disappointed.

It takes some work to build up the colours. Normally, I use brushes to apply these shadows, but even applying the above swatches with my fingers… it still took a few passes to build up the intensity. This was particularly true for the darker shades Reason and Thinker.

Building the colours uses a lot more product. Because these shadows aren’t creamy, this creates a chalky effect that’s not very durable. It’s convenient that the case is compact enough to slip into my purse, because touch-ups throughout the day are needed. Not really ideal, since I prefer not to travel with a lot of makeup each day.

I also find these shadows don’t blend as well as other palettes. It takes a lot of work to make my look appear seamless. With limited time in the morning to get ready and apply makeup, I’ll typically grab another palette that I know will get the job done quicker.

Inevitably, I feel the 12 Mind shades aren’t really the stars of the show. Instead, the gold packaging is. Although the case is very sleek and has a large mirror, I don’t think that’s enough to justify the hefty price tag.

Note: Stila has since changed the shiny gold case to a matte one.

Stila Mind palette, makeup brushes and gold bracelet sitting on gray background. Battle of the Matte Palettes Part 2 Featuring Stila.


  1. Moderate pan size
  2. Mix of warm and cooler shades
  3. WOC friendly
  4. Sleek packaging
  5. Case comes with a large mirror


  1. Price
  2. Some shades are chalky / Takes work to build colour intensity
  3. Doesn’t blend well
  4. Doesn’t wear well all day / Need touch-ups throughout the day
  5. Shallow pan size
  6. Value?

The Eyes Are The Window set from Stila, features the 12 all-matte eyeshadows Mind Palette housed in a sleek, gold compact-style case.

What do you think?

Have you purchased the Mind palette or any of the others in the Eyes Are The Window set? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Don’t forget to check out Battle of the Matte Palettes – Part 1 Featuring Morphe, for the first chapter in this battle and more about why I love matte eyeshadows so much!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. For more details, please read the Disclaimer.

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