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Meet Mich

If you’re looking for tools, tips, advice… or just some inspiration to help get closer to that balanced life you so desperately crave, you’ve come to the right place.

Hey! I’m Michelle (aka Mich), a Toronto lifestyle blogger and naturalista. I’m happy you stopped by!

I have over 10 years experience in Retail, Human Resources, Customer Service and Print & Digital Advertising. I’ve seen a lot and worked with almost everyone in Canada (wink). This is my little corner of the world, sharing what I know, experiences, humour, positivity and perspective to wade through all the chaos and confusion. To help you find that balance between work life and home life.

Key areas of focus

Career  Tools for resume building, job interviews, networking and surviving the corporate rat race.

Blogging – Journey of a newbie blogger navigating her way through the busy and exciting world of site ownership, solopreneurship, technology and business.

Wellness – Strategies on how to achieve optimum health & wellness. Continual self-care is a necessary part of attaining that overall life balance.

I certainly don’t know it all and am definitely not an expert. My prevailing hope is that these pages inspire you, just a little, to pursue your passion and live your best life.

A blogger at heart

It’s what I love to do. Writing short stories, journaling and blogging. Wash, rinse, repeat!

When I’m not blogging (and maintaining this lovely place) I’m creating other things, like writing music on my piano keyboard or working on my photography skills. I also love graphic design, and could spend just as much time making this space pretty, as filling it with evergreen content.

What else?

Lover of sunsets, comedies, the colour green and anything that helps me stay organized. Just a girl spreading humour and positivity on her journey through this thing called life.

Reach out

Contact me with any questions or feedback. And, don’t forget to Subscribe to this blog and follow me on my social channels to stay in the loop.



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